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Former boxer Vladimir Klitscko goes into tea business

Klitschko announces move during Food Innovation Camp in Hamburg

Former boxer Vladimir Klitschko is venturing into the tea market in co-operation with the REWE chain of food stores, the entrepreneur announced Monday (May 20, 2019) during the Food Innovation Camp in Hamburg’s Chamber of Commerce. Tea completes Klitschko’s F.A.C.E. the Challenge project whcih offers executive training courses with a mix of mental and sports exercises for activating body and mind and mind. A Zen master’s motto of “tea first” is ideally suited to the proejct as “tea helps to focus and improve stamina,” Klitschko said. Tea brewed in Japan is likely to go on sale in REWE stores by late 2019. Around 70 manufacturers including several start-ups presented innovative food products at the Food Innovation Camp.

Emphasis on sustainability

The meet also featured a section on sustainable cosmetics with natural ingredients such as beeswax and olive oil. A panel discussion on sustainability showed its growing importance in food packaging. Dr. Peter Tschentscher, Mayor of Hamburg, took part in another panel discussion on the future of the food industry. The industry holds huge potential for combining products with social standards, Tschentscher noted.

Food Awards for innovative products

Another highlight of the event was the presentation of the 2019 Food Award for best product to Pandar. The company’s frying fat in powder form slashes the use of oil by 90 per cent. The Stuttgart-based Spoontainable! won the best newcomer award. The start-up has developed an edible ice cream spoon from cocoa shell fibres to fight plastic waste. A special prize went to the Hamburg-based Ocean Fruits which transforms conventional algae into nutritious sea salads. The organizers of the Food Innovation Camp 2019, Sina Gritzuhn and Sanja Stankovic, expressed satisfaction with the event and came out in favour of setting up a permanent food hub in Hamburg.

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