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Food Innovation Camp highlights food trends in future

Hamburg becoming hotspot of start-ups specialising in vegan, gluten free and organic food

The second Food Innovation Camp by Hamburg Startups and StartupSpot began Monday (July 2, 2018) at Hamburg’s Chamber of Commerce. Up to 1,500 guests are expected at this year’s event after visitor numbers topped the 1,100 mark in 2017. The event promotes Hamburg as a hotspot of food and gastronomy.

Trending food and rounds of speed dating

The day-long camp offers innovative and tasty impressions of the start-up ecosystem. This year’s supporting programme features new food trends, food technology, logistics and the hospitality sector as well as workshops for large and small companies. Start-ups and representatives of the wholesale and retail trade, investors, co-operation partners and the catering trade will have an opportunity to become acquainted with each other in rounds of speed dating.

Pitch event

Many of the products presented focus on sustainability and healthy trends. The Hamburg-based company Frau Ultrafrisch presents fresh snacks and convenience food while Kale&Me’s cold-pressed juices is aiming for a greater market share with their beverages. Kernhaus Cider provides cider made of organic apples. Various trendy drinks, low-gluten organic bread, vegan organic spreads or fair trade products can be tried out also.

Start-ups will also have an opportunity to pitch their business models on stage to wholesalers, retailers and potential investors including QVC, REWE Nord and DS Produkt. Several prizes including the Hamburg Startups Food Award will be presented in the “Newcomer” and “Best Product” categories as well.

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