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Five Rings For the 2024 Olympics

Hamburg points the way for the Olympics, with 13,000 people joining the promotion of Hamburg as host city at city park by achieving a Guinness World Record

More than 13,000 Hamburg locals showed their enthusiasm for the Olympics in 2024 on Sunday in the Hamburg city park by forming five oversized rings in the Olympic colours. In addition to the Olympic flame, the five rings are the globally recognised symbol of the Olympic Games. Hamburg’s locals thus created a giant picture sized 300× 300 metres, which could be seen even on satellite images. The event was honoured right on the spot of an entry worth of the Guinness Book of World Records. Until 29 November, Hamburg’s citizens will be casting their vote on the city’s Olympic bid in a referendum.

Sign of Solidarity and Tolerance

Already in February, Hamburg’s population had shown much it wants the Olympics, when more 20,000 people turned the inner Alster lake into a sea of ​​lights with countless torches. Half a year later, Hamburg’s locals created the second Olympic symbol – the rings as a sign of solidarity among people, reflecting tolerance, helpfulness and integration – to express their Olympic enthusiasm.

Strong Image for the Olympics

Initiated and organised by the owner-operators of Miniatur Wunderland and flaming Olympic supporters Frederik and Gerrit Braun, some 13,000 people formed five rings at Hamburg’s city park, each over 100 m wide , thus sent emotional images around the world. After the dissolution of the static rings, a second set of rings was formed after time lapse and flash mob choreography in which the crowds mixed.

Right after the event, the jury of the Guinness World Records from London recognised the event as world record with a certificate: “The largest human Olympic rings what Achieved by Miniatur Wunderland (Germany), in the city park, Hamburg, Germany, on 8 November 2015. “

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Hamburg's Host City Application

As official and only German candidate. Hamburg is applying to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024. The northern German port city will then not only Germany’s gateway to the world in trade, but also in sports. Hamburg’s plan are to host compact, sustainable games right in the heart of the Hanseatic city and its famous port. Hamburg citizens have been asked to cast their vote on Hamburg’s bid in a referendum closing 29 November.

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