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First steps towards "Wissenschaftskolleg" taken in Hamburg

„Hamburger Horizonte“ conference paves way towards Hamburg Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS)

Katharina Fegebank, Senator for Science, Research and Equality, opened Thursday (November 23, 2017) the “Hamburger Horizonte” conference in City Hall to pave the way for a “Wissenschaftskolleg” or HIAS in Hamburg. Under the theme “Collapsing Orders”, the conference aimed to show how researchers in the humanities and social sciences, natural and engineering sciences can come into contact with citizens and exchange views on key issues. The Hamburg Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS) is set to play an important role in Hamburg as a centre of science and raise the city’s international visibility.

Meeting point for intellectuals

HIAS will attract research fellows to Hamburg where they will work in favourable conditions on issues that are important to society. HIAS will be modelled on the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and the “Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin” where fellows spend three to 12 months working across disciplines on issues facing society, art, music, politics, commerce or religion. Research fellows can also use the facilities at the Academy of Sciences, the University of Hamburg and at other colleges and universities across the city.

Promoting dialogue between science and society

The project is still in the early stages. Consultations about the concept began last summer led by Hamburg’s Authority for Science and Research, the Academy of Sciences and the University of Hamburg. The State Parliament of Hamburg has set aside over EUR 5,000 in start-up funding in 2017 and 2017 respectively for HIAS. Similar to the “Hamburger Horizonte” conference, HIAS aims to boost dialogue between science and society and to become a centre of excellence for science and research with international appeal.

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