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Fear Good Movies: Fantasy Filmfest to Return to Hamburg 20-30 August 2015

Touring seven cities, the programme showcases high quality selection of about 60 features and ten short films.

After yesterday’s official launch in Berlin, FANTASY FILMFEST will be also touring Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne and Nuremberg until 6 September 2015, with films begin screened at Hamburg’s Savoy Filmtheater at Steindamm from 20-30 August 2015.

“One of Europe’s Top Six Film Festivals”

The continuously increasing number of visitors confirms the festival’s reputation as one of the biggest genre events worldwide. FANTASY FILMFEST is well-respected among distributors for being a link between them and producers as well as sales companies. German buyers and distribution companies consider the festival an extraordinary market and a promotional opportunity, often attending each festival city to get an up close impression of the audience’s reaction. A survey of German film festivals published by „Export-Union des Deutschen Films GmbH“ described FANTASY FILMFEST as an “extremely popular specialised national event, of great interest for distributors with excellent media coverage.” The festival was selected by “Der Deutsche Fernsehdienst” as one of the six most important film festivals in Europe.

The festival’s wide media presence ranges from national and international magazines, newspapers and genre outlets to a variety of international trade publications and national television. In addition, 200,000 complimentary copies of the festival catalogue are distributed each year. Established in 1987, the festival started with just a dozen features attracting a mere 1000 film buffs to a Hamburg cinema. Since then, the festival has become a sought-after event. Rosebud Entertainment Veranstaltungs + Medien GmbH is headed by executive director Rainer
Stefan who, together with managing director Frederike Dellert searches for new and exciting films, driven by cineastic sensitivity and knowledge and an unbridled enthusiasm for the genre.

Many Premieres of Masterpieces

Many of today’s well-known genre hits and modern classics like DISTRICT 9, FINAL DESTINATION,
SAW, SCARY MOVIE, SPEED, FACE/OFF, SCREAM or THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS have premiered at FANTASY FILMFEST. In addition to presenting mainstream Hollywood productions the festival is always on the move to present international independent masterpieces and can proudly look back on premieres such as AMÉLIE, IRRÉVERSIBLE, THE DESCENT, CUBE, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, DELIVER US FROM EVIL, VIDOCQ, DELICATESSEN, PULP FICTION and AMERICAN PSYCHO. Directors’ first or second feature length films are eligible for the
competition section of the festival.

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