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Exhibitors present living ideas for people of all ages

Age-appropriate living and smart home solutions - north Germany's new fair for property owners, builders and renovators

Young and old can find plenty of ideas for modern living at the home² fair to be held in Hamburg’s fairgrounds from January 27-29, 2017. Visitors can expect over 160 exhibitors, 50 keynotes and several special shows focusing on buying, building and renovating property. North Germany’s latest fair for the property sector will focus on the increasingly important issue of age-appropriate buildings e.g. how to make showers and bathrooms for the elderly easy to access.

Health Authority presents model apartments for people with dementia

Exhibitors such as Hummel Küchenwerk GmbH will present their range of barrier-free kitchens including a height-adjustable kitchen island unit. Denmark’s Excellent Systems A/S will present ramps to overcome doorsteps, steps on balconies and stairs easily. The Hamburg Authority for Health and Consumer Protection and the social welfare organisation Diakonischen Werk will present a model apartment for people with dementia to show how they can furnish their homes and remain largely independent.

Focus on smart home solutions

Running a smart home is another top issue at the fair. Visitors can find plenty of information on how to link up a building to a matching system and make it safe. Q-Data Service GmbH is one of north Germany’s leading exhibitors of system integrators at the fair and will give visitors greater insight into the technology. Companies such as Global Player Schneider Electric GmbH, Brumberg high-grade lighting technology and the Sonnen GmbH start-up that combines digital technology with environment-friendly energy will also present their networking solutions for buildings and products as well.

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