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Second Exchange with Sister City Marseilles

A twining for the people, by the people: In September, a group of Marseilles citizens will be visiting Hamburg, with Hamburg locals travelling to Marseilles in November

In 2013, the DFG Cluny e.V. and the maison allemande Marseille organised the first citizen exchanges between Marseille and Hamburg on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the sister city agreement. Due to the extremely positive response and demand, this civil exchange will be repeated this year at the initiative of Gabriele Jacobsen, board member of Cluny e.V. The sister city exchange is supported by Gabriel Angela Reverdin, HamburgAmbassdor in the southern French port city and board member of the “maison allemande”, by the Senate Chancellery Hamburg and by the city of Marseille, where Joelle Giordano had the original idea.

In Hamburg, the visit of Marseilles citizens is planned from 10-15 September. The programme will include a reception at city hall, guided tours of the city and the harbour, individual explorations, and a group to the world heritage Hanseatic city of Lübeck. In Marseille, the Hamburg guests will be welcomed 5-10 November 2015 expected.

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Hamburg's Sister City Marseille

With the sister city agreement signed in 1958, Marseilles is one of Hamburg’s oldest sister cities. With contacts initially established in the framework of Franco-German reconciliation, Marseilles and Hamburg today are connected by a tightly knit network, with various exchange programmes established in various areas such as education, culture, sustainable development or smartPort. In urban development, too, both cities face similar challenges and share similar visions. Hamburg’s HafenCity and Marseilles’ Euromediteranée are projects transforming former port areas into landmarks of a bright future.

Hamburg's Network

Hamburg’ global network is tightly knit and defined by traditions and visions. Next to official representative offices by the city such as Shanghai’s Hamburg Liaison Office, port partnership agreements, and the city’s honorary representative HamburgAmbassadors, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg entered sister city agreements with nine cities around the globe. At the “Passage der Städtepartnerschaften” at Bergstraße, they are being presented by photos (Thomas Füsser) and info texts (Geli Schmidt): Prague, St. Petersburg, Marseilles, Shanghai, Dresden, Osaka, Chicago, Léon, amd Dar es Salaam. At the Hamburg Marathon 2015, Christoph Störmer, senior pastor of St Petri Church, organised a relay race with participants from all nine partner cities.

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