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Everything at Coteca 2016 revolves around filter coffee

Focus on new ways of brewing coffee, tea and cocoa. 700,000 tons of coffee annually are imported via Hamburg port

Around 200 exhibitors are expected at the COTECA Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Global Industry Expo to be held at Congress Center Hamburg (CCH) from September 7-9, 2016. COTECA is the only fair in Europe that covers all three sectors. In 2014, over 3,000 visitors attended the fair with 136 exhibitors from 32 countries. Providers from Mexico, the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan will pay their first visit to the fair this year where filter coffee will be a key theme.

Rising demand for special coffees

Coffee is the most popular beverage in Germany with per capita consumption of 162 litres (2015). Filter coffee has a market share of 64 per cent. The popularity of coffee is due to new preparation methods such as pour over, drip brew or cold brew in hip coffee bars and coffee shops. Such beverages take time to prepare unlike coffees to go which are brewed quickly.

Commenting on the trend towards filter coffee, Arthur E. Darboven, CEO of Benecke Coffee in Hamburg, noted: “We can also see the growing popularity of filter coffee in our sales. And that means not only the “3rd wave” roasters, who have specialised in such varieties for some time, but also the branded coffee suppliers. They are not necessarily asking for new countries of origin, but more for finer coffees from the present countries of origin. Our roasters want coffees from certain regions with specific characteristics, such as acidity and sweetness.”

Coffee traders, roasters and Europe’s most modern warehouses

Around 700,000 tons of coffee annually are imported and 400,000 exported via the port of Hamburg thus prompting Coteca to choose the city as the venue for the fair. Three quarters of coffee consumed in Germany is processed in Hamburg, which is also home to renowned coffee traders, roasters and Europe’s most modern warehouses. The German Coffee Association also has headquarters in Speicherstadt.

Speaking in March on the occasion of Darboven’s 150th anniversary, Olaf Scholz, Mayor of Hamburg, pointed out: “Many jobs in Hamburg hinge on coffee – from the green coffee agent to the warehouse keeper, roasters and mechanical engineers as well as many small start-ups who are turning the cult surrounding personal (coffee) mixes, roasting and preparation processes into business ideas.”

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