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eigenarten - inter-cultural festival Hamburg

Artists from all over the world who found a new home in Hamburg will be showcasing their lastest productions in film, music, theatre, dance, arts, and literature

It is a festival of all genres, full of intercultural energy and imagination. From 29 October to 8 November 2015, artists with roots in Turkey Poland, and China will present their views of “home” on stage, and musicians from Germany and Bulgaria will be inspiring each other. There will be political discourse, there will be poetry. Memories of flight. And joie de vivre. Creation that explores, and arts that questions.

Theme 2015: Escape, Home, Identity

Under the auspices of the festival eigenarten, artists from around the world, who live or work in Hamburg are showing once a year their latest productions from the fields of film, music, theater, dance, visual arts and literature. In 2015, two exhibitions will be complementing the festival’s 37 events that will be addressing very concretely, and yet in very different ways the topics of escape, home, and identity. But eigenarten 2015 also means poetry, love of life, and mutual inspiration. This year, three events will also focus on the Franco-German cultural exchange.

This Year’s Highlights

On Saturday, 31 October, the Kulturladen St. Georg will host the event “I am not a refugee, I have a name!” By staging the “Forbidden life”, the theatre group Open Minds tells of experiences made by young people in exile, and their search for home and identity. Insight into the traditions and culture of Afghanistan are serving as metaphor of subjective meaning of the respective cultures of origin.

In co-operation with the Franco-German Festival Arabesques, the Salon Français will bring authentic French salon culture to the Logensaal of Hamburg’s Kammerspiele on 31 October. In a colourful Franco-German language mix, the actress and singer Véronique Elling will be presenting a kaleidoscope of concerts, showcase and panel discussion with artists of various genres.

Choreographer Elizabeth Ladrón de Guevara, actress Iris Bebensee and composer Krischa Weber will be celebrating the premiere of “The fifth leg of the cat” at the atrium of Lichthof Theater on 31 October. Their production adresses aspects of crossing borders and migration by using theatre, dance and music as example of three arts and different cultures meeting and inspiring each other.

Close Co-operation With Other Organisers

The festival will be celebrated in numerous established and new venues in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, including Polittbüro, the Logensaal of the Kammerspiele, Goldbekhaus and Kölibri, Hamburger Sprechwerk and Alfred Schnittke Academy, LICHTHOF Theatre, Hamburg’s Central Municipal Library, Metropolis cinema and many others venues. Notable in this year is the close cooperation with other organisers of different orientation, including the Foundation for the Politically Persecuted, India Week, the Franco-German Festival Arabesque and Kinemathek Hamburg.

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