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826th Port Anniversary With Many Attractions

Dragon Boat Races at the 826th Port Anniversary in Hamburg. More than 300 vessels. Partner city Groningen.

For the first time, the traditional dragon boat race has chosen Hamburg’s new waterfront precinct HafenCity with its Grasbrook harbour as venue of the 26th Port Cup, which has been part of the festivities since 1989.

On Saturday, 9 May 2015, Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of the Economy, Transport, and Innovation, and Director General Jian-song Chu Head of the Taipei Representative Office in Hamburg, will officially be launching the duel of dragon boat clubs at 11.30 a.m.

Precious Courtesy Gifts

From 8-10 May, two traditional boats from Taiwan will be the eye-catcher of the event.. The two hand-carved wooden boats have been given to Hamburg on occasion of the 800th Hafengeburtstag, when the first dragon boat race was held. With these original vessels from Taiwan, the dragon boat sport become popular in Germany, with the boats still being used by the first Hamburg Dragon Boat Club that also restored them.

No Easy Challenge

Although fun and tradition are at the forefront in this competition, steering the boats will not be an easy taks. Flow and wave action on the race track at Grasbrook harbour require extensive experience to keep the long and heavy boats (13.5 metres, weight: one tonne) on track and to steer the crew – 16-20 paddlers plus a drummer – safely and without any collision on the 200-meter race course to the finishing line. Both official patrons will be present on Saturday May 9, to welcome participants and spectators and to officially start some of the races

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