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Congress on creativity and digitalisation

"Mind the Progress" to illustrate links between content, technology, creativity and digitalisation

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft is set to host a conference entitled “Mind the Progress” from May 31-June 1, 2018 in Hamburg focusing on links between content, technology, creativity and digitalisation amid rapid change. Production processes are becoming more diverse with the spread of 3D printing, virtual, augmented and mixed reality. The conference will try to answer whether form determines the content or vice versa.

Competing with artificial intelligence

Delegates can look forward to keynotes, lectures and panels focusing on the latest approaches and those of the future. The “Mind the Progress” conference aims to put content and technology, creativity and diversity in relationship to each other. Artificial intelligence is now competing with creativity. Algorithms in social networks and on search engines often determine which content is consumed. Digital technologies are changing communication and the culture of reflection and writing.

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