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Companies pedal for clean air

Entire firms and their staff join forces to clock up kilometres against climate change

Hamburg is participating in the international City Cycling Campaign for the first time this year. The campaign, set up by the” Climate Alliance, will be running in the city between May 28 and June 17. The aim is for drivers to leave their cars at home and use their bicycles for their everyday trips, exclusively if possible. City Cycling is a central component of the Move Hamburg initiative, which aims to motivate as many companies and their staff as possible to join in. Registration has opened.

Hamburg participating for the first time

Cycling is increasingly popular in Hamburg, not only as a leisure activity, but also to get to work or educational institutions. Not only the people of Hamburg benefit from this, but also companies, as there is clear evidence that their staff are fitter and better motivated as a result. There are also savings in relation to health costs, time lost in traffic jams and parking fees. A positive side effect is a boost to corporate image. Hamburg aims to motivate more residents to make the switch to a climate-friendly and emissions-free mode of transport. For this reason, the international City Cycling Campaign is being introduced to the metropole on the Elbe, with the aim of making a positive contribution to halting global warming and improving air quality.

Easing the load on roads and the environment

“Hamburg is joining City Cycling for the first time. This is a good thing, because every kilometre travelled by bicycle rather than by car eases the load on our roads and the environment. This campaign makes a very definite contribution to cutting polluting emissions and to protecting the climate in our city. I can only encourage everyone to make use of the momentum provided by the spring and to register now for this campaign,” said Jens Kerstan, Senator for the Environment and Energy.

For three weeks – from May 28 to June 17 – the kilometres cycled by the participants will be counted, and at the end the best teams and most successful cyclists will be decided. The award ceremony is scheduled for the summer of 2018. Teams can register for Hamburg.

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About Move

City Cycling is part of the Move Hamburg Initiative which is supported by the Ministry for the Environment and Energy to help commerce in Hamburg to implement more innovative, climate friendlier mobility concepts.

About Stadradeln/City Cycling

Team spirit is at the centre of City Cycling as climate protection and encouraging the use of bikes requires team work. Two people can register as a team. Alternatively, individual cyclists can join an “open team” that can be found in any community. The number of kilometres cycled are counted and the best teams and most successful cyclists in Hamburg are chosen. The award ceremony will be held in summer 2018. Stadtradeln won the EU’s “Sustainable Energy Europe Award” in 2011 and the “National Energy Globe Award Germany” in 2015.

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