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City Slide hits Hamburg this Weekend

Unique water event in Hamburg. Added value for beach bars, leisure complexes, and outdoor pools

Summer time is here an Hamburg, with long sunny days, warm, and sometimes even hot. This weekend, 5-6 July, 200 metres of slick vinyl will brighten up the renewable energy hill at Georgswerders in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg: City Slide, an exciting water ride for the entire family

Party Athmosphere

City Slide is a smash hit slip-and-slide water party hit. There will be live music, food, drinks, water, and of course the biggest slip and slide ever to hit Hamburg. The U.S. water slide craze will be hitting the shore of Europe for the first time this summer. In addition to Hamburg, folks will also be riding down the flume on a giant rubber ring in Vienna,London, Zürich, Brüssel, Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona. In Germany, also Berlin and Munich agreed to host the city slide event.

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