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CHINA TIME in Hamburg: All About Writing

From 4 to 23 November, 2014, Hamburg and the region celebrate the Chinese connection

CHINA TIME Hamburg 2014 is all about writing – Chinese writing. Between 4 and 23 November, more than 200 events will reveal the commercial, cultural, and academic connections between the city and the People’s Republic. Art and culture, politics, law, commerce, education and health all feature in the program. The start of CHINA TIME will be marked by a reception on 4 November, addressed by the Mayor of Hamburg, Olaf Scholz, along with the Chinese Consul General YANG Huiqun, the Director of Deichtorhallen, Dr Dirk Luckow, and Swiss art collector Dr Uli Sigg.

Signs and symbols

A copper dragon, produced by the company Aurubis, will arrive at the Cruise Center on Sunday and be transported to the Reesendamm Bridge on 2 November where it will be on display as a symbol for CHINA TIME until 24 November.

“Secret Signs”, an exhibition on writing in contemporary Chinese art will open at Deichtorhallen’s Harburg site on 8 November, continuing until 8 February, 2015. The exhibition is the result of a collaboration with the M+ Museum in Hong Kong and the Sigg collection, and provides an overview of avant garde Chinese art from the 1980s to the present day, with around 110 contemporary artworks by 38 Chinese artists on display, including calligraphy, photography, videos, installations, and sculpture.

Hamburg – China‘s gateway to Europe

Hamburg and the Metropolitan Region are China’s gateway to Europe. The Port of Hamburg is the primary point of arrival for Chinese exports, and Hamburg and Shanghai have been sister cities since the mid-1980s. More than 500 Chinese companies operate branch offices in Hamburg, and the close economic cooperation was recently underlined by the sixth “Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe”, held by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce on 10 and 11 October.

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CHINA TIME Hamburg 2014

CHINA TIME Hamburg is an initiative of the Hamburg state government, in cooperation with Hamburg Marketing GmbH. The festival, staged biennially since 2006, celebrates the city’s close relationship with China, established over many years, with a wide-ranging programme of events encompassing art and culture, politics, law, commerce education and health. Numerous regional and interregional institutions, companies, foundations, initiatives, clubs and associations are involved, organising lectures, podium discussions, cultural projects and hands-on events.

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