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China Time Hamburg 2018 under the theme "Pulse of the City"

7th China Time Hamburg to focus on urbanization, urban development and future technologies

The China Time Hamburg is set to zoom in on China with exhibitions, concerts, lectures, discussions, readings, theatre performances, cinema performances and many other activities from September 1-23, 2018. People are set to play a central role in urban life under the theme “Pulse of the City”. This year’s focus is on urbanization, urban development, future technologies and digitization as a starting point for social change.

Important Hamburg-China partnership

“China is of utmost economic importance to Hamburg. But a true friendship should go beyond that and also leave room for cultural exchange. This is exactly what China Time does. It is a platform for continuous dialogue. Our aim is to strengthen Hamburg’s relations with all of China beyond the vibrant city partnership with Shanghai. We want to bring Chinese culture closer to all of Hamburgs citizens and to become even more attractive for Chinese companies,” said Dr. Annette Tabbara, State Councillor D. More than 500 Chinese companies are based in Hamburg.

Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe

Initiated by the Chamber of Commerce, the Hamburg Summits is being held from November 29-30, 2018. It is the leading Sino-European economic conference and provides a platform for fair exchange to foster such relations. The summit offers entrepreneurs from both regions the opportunity to obtain first-hand information about current developments and to broaden their networks. The conference also strives to improve economic relations and promote mutual understanding. Participants include leading business representatives, politicians and academics from China, Europe and all over the world.

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