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CHINA TIME 2014 inaugurated

Germany's largest China festival returns to Hamburg for the fifth time. The Hanseatic city presents its close connection to China - in politics, economics, science, and culture.

Until 23 November, Hamburg will be hosting more than 200 China-related events. Insights into contemporary and traditional Chinese life will be provided through exhibitions, concerts, lectures, discussions, book readings, theatre stagings, films, and culinary specialties. Internationally renowned personalities such as the writer Yu Hua will contribute to drawing a fascinating picture of the emerging country between tradition and modernity.

Exhibition highlight “Secret Signs”

As a cultural highlight of CHINA TIME 2014, Hamburg’s Deichtorhallen is hosting an exhibition on calligraphy in Chinese contemporary art in co-operation with the museum M+ in Hong Kong and the Sigg Collection. More than 3,000 years old, and unchanged for nearly 2,000 years, the Chinese writing system is a world phenomenon. On display at Deichtorhallen’s Harburg site “Sammlung Falckenberg” until 8 February 2015, the exhition will feature 38 top artists such as Ai Weiwei, Xu Bing, Qiu Zhijie, Zhang Huan, Zheng Guogu, and Gu Wenda, who recall calligraphy as the country’s roots and contrast it with today’s globalisation of China. Initiated and realised by Deichtorhallen, “Secret Signs” is one of Europe’s largest exhibition on contemporary Chinese art.

“Boasting traditionally tight relations with China, Hamburg is the ideal place for dialogue with China, and particularly in regard to EU-China relations. For the fifth time, CHINA TIME Hamburg 2014 will showcase the growing China-competence of our city to the general public. I am convinced that this year’s edition will reach even higher visitor figures than ever before, as interest in the Middle Kingdom significantly increased over the past years. CHINA TIME provides the ideal platform”, said Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz at the official opening ceremony of the festival.

The power of words

On 10 November, Chinese writer Yu Hua will demonstrate the power of words at a literary evening at Bucerius Law School titled “China in ten words”. It’s not the first time the dentistry graduated, meanwhile hot on the list for the nobel prize, can be found in Hamburg’s cultural calendar. In February, his play “Life” had been staged by Thalia Theater. The Pina Bausch students Wen Hui and Wu Wenguang will show four performances of China’s first independent dance company from 19 to 22 November at 8 p.m. at Kampnagel.

China – right in the heart of Hamburg

“This year’s CHINA TIME allows us to discover Chinese culture right in Hamburg. More than 50 cultural projects, including 20 projects funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture, will provide insight into the state of mind, trends, developments, and social structure in China. On the one side, the works will mirror the artist’s roots and solidarity with his country, but, on the other hand also show a critical analysis of their home, thus opening doors for dialogue and exchange. This a major benefit of CHINA TIME 2014”, emphasises Prof Barbara Kisseler, Hamburg Minister of Culture.

Events of China’s economy

One of the business events hosted by CHINA TIME Hamburg will be a discussion on the “Responsibility of global trading powers in the Asian century”, held by the 157th “Bergedorfer Gesprächskreis” of Körber Foundation on 10 November. In addition to the numerous other events, the panoramic rotunda a “Shanghai 360 °” will allow visitors to dive into the urban jungle of Shanghai at Ballindamm. Composed by 60 digital photographs of the internationally renowned architectural photographer HGEsch, the panorama will create a richly detailed, deceptively real experience of the Asian city twinned to Hamburg for 28 years.

A seven metres long copper dragon by Aurubis AG with a weight of 4.3 tonnes is the symbol CHINA TIME. Since 2006, the official mascot has been accompanying CHINA TIME, bringing good luck to events and visitors alike. Based on the ancient dragon of the Imperial Summer Palace in Beijing, it was crafted in 2006 by the sculptor Adam Ostrowski. In 2014, you will be able to enjoy it at Reesendamm bridge between Jungfernstieg and city hall until 23 November 2014.
CHINA TIME is a festival initiated by the Hamburg Senate in co-operation with Hamburg Marketing GmbH.

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