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Building the city anew - a journey into the city of tomorrow

HafenCity Hamburg and IBA Hamburg present a joint exhibition at EXPO REAL in Munich.

This year, the Hamburg stand will have a branch: following an invitation of Messe Munich, two major urban development projects in Hamburg will present a joint exhibition in the “Intelligent Urbanization” area of hall A2. “Building the city anew“ is not a conventional booth found at fairs, but an exhibition on key urban development issues, which was designed by HafenCity Hamburg GmbH in co-operation with IBA Hamburg GmbH.

On tour with smart solutions

Since its launch, the exhibition has been touring European cities (f. i. Brussels, Vienna, and Zurich) and U.S. cities (Boston, Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington) and served as a platform for dialogue. It thus consciously stimulated, and will continue to stimulate, an international dialogue on the future of Europe’s major cities. Even though the respective conditions in the Western cities are very different, they nevertheless all face major challenges, as population growth, climate change, and a global urban society threatened by social divisions demand to set a new, and fundamental course for the future. With Hamburg’s two major development projects HafenCity and International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg, now acting a public property developer of new projects in Hamburg’s south after the successful presentation year 2013, various answers are given on the sustainable urban growth of tomorrow.

Concepts for the city of tomorrow

Located in the heart of the exhibition “Building the city anew“ is thus a giant compass that symbolically points the city’s way to the future. Instead of giving direction, it indicates key targets of the city of tomorrow: “growing city“, “open city”, “smart city”, and “civic city”. They form the conceptual framework of policies and projects, addressed by HafenCity and IBA Hamburg as solutions of a sustainable future. Furthermore, they should actively
encourage a dialogue on the future of cities – even at this year’s EXPO REAL.

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Exhibition tours

IBA Hamburg and HafenCity Hamburg will offer guided tours of the exhibition with a changing focus from Monday to Wednesday at 2 p.m., at hall A2, stand A2.132:

Growing City – From Sprawl to Intensity
Europe’s cities are growing. But where should new housing be built, and new jobs be created? As always in suburbia where it is often cheaper and easier to built? In recent years, this has been reconsidered in many cities, and also in Hamburg. Insights into key projects of HafenCity and IBA Hamburg.
Monday, 6 October, 2 p.m.

Smart City – From Exploitation to Efficiency
The requirements for climate and resource protection must be globally raised to at least reduce the dramatic consequences of climate change. Which are the smart solutions pursued by Hamburg’s urban development projects IBA Hamburg and HafenCity?
Tuesday, 7 October, 2 p.m.

Open City – From Patchwork to Mosaic
Today, cultural and social diversity is seen and used in many cities as an opportunity. Where different experiences and skills meet, something new is born more quickly than elsewhere. What are the strategies employed by HafenCity and IBA Hamburg to create meeting places and to promote a culture of welcome for an international urban society?
Wednesday, 6 October, 2 p.m.

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