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Tip for the weekend: Blickfang design fair in Deichtorhallen

Newcomers and established designers present latest creations including fashion, furniture, jewellery and accessories

The fifth edition of the Blickfang international design fair gets underway from Friday September 9-11, 2016 in Hamburg’s Deichtorhallen. There, some 120 exhibitors will be presenting and selling their latest fashion, furniture and jewellery creations as well accessories to professionals and the general public. The fair is held annually in Zurich, Stuttgart, Basel, Vienna and Munich also.

Fashion and furniture

Young designers will be presenting their latest zany fashion collections at Blickfang. Furniture designers are the second largest group of exhibitors and will be selling tables, coat stands, lighting, chairs and shelves during the fair. Some 19 exhibitors hail from Hamburg in addition to others from Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland and Britain.

Awards for the best

Inga Sempé, an interior decorator and daughter of the legendary French cartoonist, Jean-Jacques Sempé, creator of “Nicholas and the Gang” children’s book series, will select Friday the best exhibitor in the “Fashion & Product” “Fashion and Jewellery” categories. Later this year, visitors can go on a “Late Night Shopping” spree during a popular event initiated by streets and shopping malls in Hamburg. “Late Night Shopping” will be held on September 15th in the Hansviertel and on November 26th in the Hamburger Meile.

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