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Bazars for founders in Hamburg

Exchange ideas and learn from like-minded people

More than 50 founders and potential founders met for the Founders’ Bazar Wednesday (March 6, 2019) in Mindspace. Organised by Maximilian Antosch, the bazar has become a contact point for Hamburg’s self-employed and small businesses. Antosch, the brains behind Startluft, has already organised around 20 events of this kind amid rising demand.

30-second presentation

Antosch started things off with the turbo-presentation round. Potential founders had merely 30 seconds to present their idea and outline the state of development. While some would-be founders had only an idea in mind, others were looking for a business partner. Professionals with plenty of start-up experience were on hand with ideas ranging from apps, platforms to machines. All kinds of sectors including beauty, real estate or food trends were represented at the bazar. Founders used the 30 seconds to request help with marketing or IT and offered their own skills as well making for an absolute successful evening with plenty of contacts, feedback or tips offered.

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