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Annual "Long Night of Consulates"

Cultural and gourmet discovery tour of 100 consulates in May

Visitors can embark on a cultural and gourmet discovery tour of 30 out of 100 consulates based in Hamburg when the sixth, annual “Long Night of Consulates gets underway on May 16, 2017. Four cultural institutes will also open their doors that evening. France, China, Japan, Russia and the United States are just some of the nations with general consulates in Hamburg. Exotic, far-away places like Tuvalu, Saint Kitts and Nevis as well as Zambia are represented by honorary consulates who deal with passport, visa or resident permit issues and offer legal aid, if required. The programme in May is likely to be colourful with all kinds of mouth-watering delights on offer.

Culture, cuisine and information

For many years, “The Long Night of Consulates” has been an insider tip for getting to know a host nation’s traditional dishes and culture. This year, the Icelandic honorary consulate will give visitors to Gertrudenstraße 3 video glimpses of the magma chamber of the Thrihnukag volcanic crater. Meanwhile, fans of Mongolia can have a look inside a model, yurt dwelling at the consulate in Elbchaussee 54. The Iranian general consulate in Bebelallee 18 will exhibit handicrafts and exquisite Persian carpets. The Spanish consulate in Mittelweg 37 is likely to prove a big hit among children when it shows a play entitled “Happy Birthday” and is just one of many highlights on what promises to be a very interesting and colourful night.

Cut your trip by planning well

Wolfgang Schmidt, State Secretary, initiated “The Long Night of Consulates” in 2012 to give foreign countries an opportunity to showcase their traditions in a relaxed atmosphere. The events also include lectures, exhibitions, dances, music as well as traditional dishes, specialities and handicraft. This year’s events will be held under the theme “Around the World in One Night”. “Travellers” can start in South Korea, head to Greece and sip wine, enjoy French cheeses and watch Indonesian dances. However, planning is crucial for your whirlwind, world tour as doors open only from 6 pm to 10 pm. Other possible destinations include Egypt, Botswana, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Britain, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mali, Poland, Portugal, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey and Uruguay.

“Sounds of Europe”

The participating cultural institutes are offering lots of jazz under the theme “Sounds of Europe” starting at 7 pm in Instituto Italiano di Cultura with “Fabiola Saccomanno e Gruppo” followed by “Hotel du Nord” at 8.30 pm in the Institut français de Hambourg and Elva La Guardia, Ed Harris and Tom Hickstein who will perform in the Instituto Cervantes. But the musical foray does not end there as the musicians have another treat in store… all the musicians and bands will come together for a grand performance in Instituto Cervantes to give visitors an earful of an Europe united by music.

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