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7th Night of Sciences to give insight into research

Over 50 research institutions including DESY to open doors

More than 50 universities, research institutions and technology companies across Hamburg will open their doors on November 4, 2017 for the 7th Night of Sciences. The agenda includes over 1,000 events as well as spectacular experiments, exciting lectures, science shows and guided tours of places normally not open to the public.

Hate crime and business psychology

This year, emphasis will be on: “People and Society”, “Commerce and Communication”, “Medicine and Health”, “Nature and Technology” as well as “Art and Culture”. These five focal points include topics such as hate crime, live hacking, time travel through fashion photography, film and psychoanalysis, business psychology and sign language.

DESY to open doors

DESY will also opens its doors to give visitors a glimpse of science through virtual reality headsets. Fans can also watch experiments to verify ultra-light particles or about the use of X-ray lasers. Lectures will give insight into astroparticle physics and the benefits of laser technology in DNA research.

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