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57th Hanseboot opens its doors this weekend

Stylish boats, elegant yachts, ships in the impressive Sandtorhafen - largest equipment and accessories market in northern Europe

The 57th hanseboot opens its doors from October 29 to November 6, 2016 in Hamburg’s fairgrounds and in Sandtorhafen in HafenCity to professional sailors, leisure skippers and beginners. Around 520 exhibitors will present new boats, yachts and the latest trends in the sector.

Largest ship at hanseboot

This year, visitors will find impressive yachts in the in-water hanseboot harbour at Sandtorhafen in the HafenCity district near the new Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall. The 25.15-metre Oyster 825 arrived in Hamburg from Southampton last Monday (October 24th). Not only is the Oyster the longest ship at the show, it is also the most luxurious at a cost of around EUR 5 million.

Planning sailing routes early

Every year, more and sailors take to the high seas and spend the summer in the Baltic Sea near the Danish Southern Seas, the Stockholm archipelago, the Baltics and enjoy the bright nights in the Gulf of Bothnia. A well-planned route, proper equipment and especially information before such a long cruise are key to success and safety. The hanseboot offers tips and expert advice.

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