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50 years: the German young science competition “Jugend forscht“

Until today, 20 February 2015, the regional youth science and experiments competition “Jugend forscht” will take place at DESY in Hamburg Bahrenfeld.

A total of 119 participants will present 66 projects at the DESY school lab. This competition, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and its little brother, the experiments competition “Schüler experimentieren”, invites young people from 4th grade to the age of 21 to experiment in mathematics, natural sciences and technology with an individual research project.

Broad Rang of Fascinating Projects

The competition offers a broad range of fascinating projects: “Was the first clone sheep “Dolly” really a clone?”; “Can you “see” sound”?; “Are scorpions left-handers?”. The young researchers presented their projects from seven topic areas to the jury and answered their questions on Thursday. Today, they will show their work to the interested public in the school-lab. The prize-giving and award presentation ceremony will start at 11:30 a.m. in the DESY auditorium. The winners will qualify for the next round and will be entitled to present their projects in the Hamburg state competition at Airbus.

Top-Class Event

Both jurors and participants look forward to a top-class event. In fact, the national winner of last year in the field of biology came from the Hamburg regional competition. 16-year-old Felix Höfer demonstrated how plants adapt to the environmental lighting conditions with the help of specific proteins, first at DESY and then in the nationwide competition in Künzelsau.

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