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40th Mineralien Hamburg to get underway in December

Mammoth hair from Siberia among exhibits - free admission for 40 year-olds

Around 400 exhibitors from all corners of the world will showcase fascinating one-offs, beautiful jewels, and million-year-old fossils during the 40th Mineralien Hamburg from December 1-3, 2017. The world’s fourth largest minerals fair annually attracts numerous visitors and collectors from the Hamburg region in the run-up to Christmas. To celebrate the 40th anniversary, those turning 40 this year get free admission. Visitors can also look forward to the fantastic special exhibitions “Scandinavia – magic of gems, glaciers and dinosaurs” and “Witnesses of primeval times” for the jubilee event.

Mammoth hair and hogweed from Siberia

Joachim Wördemann of Nord Fossil will present unique fossils that give insight into prehistory. Visitors can also purchase original mammoth hair. The wisps of hair are centuries old and were found during expeditions to Siberia’s piercingly cold regions. The bones of Ursus Uralensis – a cave bear that lived 1.6 million years ago – also stems from that region. Other exhibits include bone from the bear’s hind legs and claws, which can be 60 cms in length.

Gems and rare earth from Madagascar

Madagascar is a delight for fans of original fossils. Following the prehistoric breakup of the supercontinent Gondwana, Madagascar split from the Indian peninsula around 88 million years ago and became a treasure trove of minerals and all kinds of gems including gold, silver, chromite, zinc, titanium as well as marble and coal. The exhibitor Andry Ramamonjisoa of Madagaskar Steine, travels to new locations every year to bring back new finds. This year, he will be presenting fossilized wood, ammonites and other fossils and minerals at the fair.

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