Photopia Festival to focus on AI from September 21-24, 2023

Photography scene to meet in Hamburg's fairgrounds - panels and conferences on agenda
15 September 2023
Fahnen der Photopia vor dem Fernsehturm

Generative artificial intelligence is set to take centre stage during the Photopia Festival underway in Hamburg from September 21-24, 2023. The agenda features several keynotes, panel talks and conferences on the topic. Experts, start-ups and companies will exchange ideas in the AI Centre while AI-generated works of art will go on show as part of a digital exhibition.

AI to transform industry

"Everyone concerned with the future of visual media can discuss the potential and challenges of groundbreaking technologies during several presentations and events at Photopia," said Bernd Aufderheide, CEO of Hamburg Messe und Congress. "The future of photography will not be defined by photography, but by AI image generators. We are not talking about hype here, but a technical revolution comparable to industrialization or digitization," said Boris Eldagsen, who will give a keynote during the festival. Two digital art exhibitions will feature AI-generated works as part of the "Through the Lens of AI" competition. Delegates can use VR headsets to view AI-generated works in another virtual exhibition.

Risk and opportunities of Generative AI

Three festival conferences will focus on AI beginning with the B2B conference "ImagingExecutives@Photopia" on September 20. Emphasis is on "Generative Business Intelligence" and will be followed by the "Beyond the Photoverse" conference on September 21. This conference is being held in co-operation with the Art Directors Club and will focus on the legal aspects of AI. The "Creative Content Conference" on September 22 will focus on AI image generators and especially manual control and professional prompts. During the Photo Industry Association's talk on September 21 in the AI Center, companies such as Adobe, the Pattern Recognition Company (Excire), the camera manufacturer Leica and the image service provider Cewe will discuss the risks and opportunities of Generative AI. Under the patronage of the German Society for Photography, AI Hamburg will present companies and start-ups and host talks and workshops.