OMR seeks rooms for guests amid lack of accommodation

Hamburg's leading OMR Festival gets underway from May 9-10
03 April 2023
Zwei junge Menschen tauschen sich zu Hause aus

Organisers of this year's Online Marketing Rockstars Festival (OMR) and Airbnb have launched a campaign to find free rooms during the festival. Residents of Hamburg are being urged to make free beds available for festivalgoers. Around 70,000 delegates are expected at OMR from May 9-10. Hotel rooms have become scarce and prices have frequently soared in Hamburg, Pinneberg, Lüneburg and Lübeck and in other nearby cities during the event.

Campaign worthwhile for hosts

Providing rooms is advantageous for hosts, according to the organisers of OMR. The campaign gives people an opportunity to earn some extra money. Hosts can charge around EUR 80 to 100 per night and get to know people from all walks of life. More information about potential guests can be found on Airbnb. Hosts can then decide on their guests. The campaign should strengthen Hamburg as a business centre and highlight the cosmopolitanism of the city.

Taking part in campaign

Residents of Hamburg, who want to take part in the campaign, can register free of charge on Airbnb and advertise the bedroom with photos and price lists. After applying for a housing protection number, the advertisement can then go online and the room rented out. Additional information is available on the booking platform's help centre to make the rental as easy as possible. All-round protection for the hosts has also been put in place. More information and instructions can be found on the campaign's website.