NWX 22 to celebrate corporate culture in Elbphilharmonie

Does everything boil down to corporate culture? Tickets for NWX Festival now on sale
23 May 2022
NWX 2021

This year's New Work Experience (NWX 22) will focus on the essence and significance of corporate culture when it gets underway at the Elbphilharmonie on June 20, 2022. Under the theme of "Celebrating Work - Pioneering Culture," delegates from commerce, society, culture, science and human resources will demonstrate how a positive culture can be motivating and lead to economic success. NXW is hosted by New Work SE, the parent company of the Xing career network. 

NWX 22 becoming fest

This year's event will be a fest instead of a tightly organized congress, organisers said. Delegates can attend several stage events and focus on other aspects of the working world of tomorrow. The agenda includes panels on self-efficacy in the digital world of work and the interaction between companies and employees. Tickets for NWX 22 are available on the event website. Readers of Hamburg News can avail of a 10 per cent discount by entering the code NWXSPECIAL10. The offer is available while stocks last.

Top speakers announced

This year's keynote speakers include British futurist Ben Hammersley, who is the former deputy editor-in-chief of Wired and was previously a war correspondent, as well as and the corporate anthropologist Jitske Kramer. The Dutch national has called for more inclusive leadership and cultural diversity and has authored several books such as "The Corporate Tribe" and "Managing Cultural Dynamics." Bestselling authors Richard David Precht ("Who am I - and if so, how many?"), John Strelecky ("The Café at the Edge of the World") and Stefanie Stahl ("The Child in You Must Find a Home") are also expected.

Fifth NXW 

Launched in 2017, the annual NWX addresses the latest and upcoming future trends in the world of work.  Personalities such as New Work pioneer Frithjof Bergmann, economic philosopher Frédéric Laloux and manager Janina Kugel have already discussed the future of work at earlier events.