Hamburg gearing up for "Mind the Progress" 2022

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft to host congress on influences of digitalisation
30 September 2022
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Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft is preparing to host this year's "Mind the Progress" congress under the theme of  "Merging Realities: Living in the Here and the Net" on October 1, 2022 in Hamburg's Oberhafen. The agenda features keynotes, panels, workshops and exhibitions with emphasis is on the fusion of analogue and digital reality.

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"Merging Realities: Living in the Here and the Net"

Self-expression in digital sphere 

"This year's congress is concerned with the multiplication of self in digital worlds. That is linked to questions such as, 'Is this simply the multiplication of capitalism under the dominance of monopolists or boundless, indiscriminate, non-discriminatory, global freedom?," according to Egbert Rühl, Managing Director of Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft.  Speakers from various disciplines will address these and other issues.

Diverse speakers and interactive exhibitions

The keynote speakers include Christian Schuldt, a sociologist and author, Anna-Verena Nosthoff, social and technology philosopher, and Ariane Haase, project manager at The New Hanse. Sara Lisa Vogl, an expert in virtual reality, Dr. Leonie Ascone, clinical psychologist at University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, and the investor Sascha Seifert. This year's exhibition gives delegates a first-hand opportunity to experience the main issue namely fluid transitions between analogue and virtual realities. More information can be found on the website.