Hamburg Copenhagen Startup Forum banking on green technology

Stakeholders in German-Danish start-up scene come together - emphasis on smart and environment-friendly technologies
05 May 2022
Elbphilharmonie at dawn

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, Hamburg Invest, Copenhagen Capacity and the German-Danish Chamber of Commerce are gearing up to host the Hamburg Copenhagen Startup Forum (HCSF) on May 19, 2022 under the motto "Connecting the North - Inventing the Green Future". Then everything will revolve around start-ups in the Hamburg and Copenhagen metropolitan regions focusing on innovative and green solutions. Registrations for the event at Campus 75 in Hamburg are now being accepted. Germany and Denmark have strong bilateral relations, reaffirmed just over a year ago by the German-Danish Declaration of Friendship and by other events such as the Hamburg Copenhagen Business Forum.

Keynotes, panel discussions and pitches

"HCSF boosts co-operation between start-ups, venture capitalists, business developers and companies to scale up promising start-ups offering smart and green technologies," said Ricarda Rattay of the Startup Unit Hamburg. After the opening by Dr Malte Heyne, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, and a keynote by Martin Neubert, Deputy CEO of the offshore specialist Ørsted, the agenda includes topics such as "Startup ecosystems - How to scale your business in Hamburg', a panel discussion on "Greentech startups - an investment case?!" and pitches by 12 green-tech startups from Copenhagen and Hamburg.

Start-up hotspots of Hamburg and Copenhagen

Among the participating start-ups are Breeze Technologies, Bewo, Plan3t, Blue Lobster and Recyclehero, which are committed to an environment-friendly future. Both Hamburg and Copenhagen have a lively and diverse start-up scene. Copenhagen is one of Europe's largest start-up hubs with around 40 per cent of all Danish start-ups based there. And Hamburg is one of the most dynamic start-up hotspots in Germany. The Hamburg Startup Monitor identified 430 young and digital companies in 2016 compared to over 1,230 start-ups in 2020, according to Startupdetector. Hamburg Invest's Startup Unit is one of the main points of contact for all queries about financing, key events and networks for start-ups in Hamburg. Participants will receive valuable assistance at HCSF.