fAIstival.hamburg brings artificial intelligence to life

AI players from business and the academic world will be presenting the fascinating world of artificial intelligence between August 24 and 28
18 August 2021
fAIstival.hamburg-Woche, 2021 AI.fAIstival, 16.8.

Thanks to artifical intelligence (AI), autonomous driving is increasingly within reach, making diagnoses will be considerably faster and more precise, and the economy can be organized more securely and effectively. Between August 24 and 28, fAIstival.hamburg will be providing a wide range of insights into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence (AI). 

AI is being seen as one of the most significant innovations in human history

The shift is taking place in stages; nevertheless experts are sure that the leaps in development and the added values will be huge. Petra Vorsteher, cofounder of AI.HAMBURGAI.FUND and Transatlantic AI eXchange, even insists: “AI is one of the most significant innovations in human history.” By holding events at various locations in the city, along with virtual streams, the initiators of the fAIstival.hamburg week aim to inspire interest in the theme of AI and to position Hamburg as a major centre for this wave of the future. 

fAIstival.hamburg: Business heavily involved

The AI summit Hamburg – understand » develop » apply will provide the launch. The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the SME 4.0 competency centre and the ARIC association, are issuing an invitation to presentations, to practical examples and to interactions with AI players from companies, such as Lufthansa Industry Solutions, IBM, Panda and Otto. 

In addition, Otto is organizing its own virtual conference day. Over two presentation series running in parallel on August 27, AI from Hamburg will be brought to life and anxieties regarding its use allayed. On the following day (August 28) develop<HER> will be put on especially for women and children. 

US and Germany stand shoulder-to-shoulder

Square Innovation Hub will be organizing August 25 as a hybrid event. Online in the morning; in the afternoon in the Hamburg Ding in St. Pauli, participants will learn how the exponential innovations of tomorrow will disrupt the linear business models of today. AI.Hamburg will take a look out into the world on August 26 with interviews, fireside chats, presentations and panel discussions in the context of the transatlantic AI Network that was set up in April. Transatlantic AI eXchange is a platform that aims to accelerate and expand the pioneering global, economic, social and academic role played by the US and Germany in the human-machine economy.