Fairs and markets to go ahead as corona restrictions lifted

Green light for leisure activities in Hamburg under new law
06 July 2020

Restrictions on the tourist sector, trade fairs and jumble sales have been eased after the senate adopted a new law on June 30, 2020 to contain the spread of COVID-19. "All residents and visitors to Hamburg regain some of their freedom and normality under the new law. I am pleased to see significant relaxations on trade fairs and events," said Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economics. "Boats in the port and sightseeing buses are allowed to let passengers on board again. That comes just in time for the start of the holidays. Nevertheless, I urge everyone to ‘keep your distance and follow the rules’. It's the only way for us to get through this crisis in good health."

Further relaxations

All seats on sightseeing buses, coaches and boats can now be filled. Musicals may resume operations under certain conditions (650 seats) and trade fairs and jumble sales can go ahead. The minimum 1.5 metre distance rule, mandatory masks and hygiene requirements still apply. Other restrictions may be lifted in certain conditions and since July 1st, groups of up to ten people can meet each other. Under the contact restrictions hitherto, only people in two households were allowed to meet one another.  

Theatres and dance schools to reopen

Leisure activities can resume provided that rules on distance and contact are observed. Outdoor picnics and barbecues are also possible again. All swimming pools as well as natural and open-air pools, theatres, operas, concert halls and musical theatres are allowed to reopen. Dance schools can offer courses and universities can reopen their doors for lectures.

Events possible in certain conditions

Up to 1,000 persons can attend outdoor events with fixed seating and up to 650 persons in closed rooms. Up to 200 persons can attend outdoor events without fixed seating and up to 100 participants in closed rooms as distance requirements are otherwise hampered. If alcohol is served during an event without fixed seats, the number of participants is halved. Private celebrations with up to 25 people are permitted in your own apartment or property. Clubs, discotheques and music clubs, folk festivals, saunas and steam baths, thermal baths and whirlpools as well as prostitution services remain closed to prevent infection. The law is effective until late August 2020 and can be viewed on www.hamburg.de/verordnung.