Fab City Hamburg to host free "Build Workshops" for everyone

Participants to build sustainable cargo bikes, furniture or solar energy storage
10 February 2023
Werkzeuge auf Tisch

Fab City Hamburg is to host a series of free workshops in which everyone can learn to build sustainable products e.g., lamps made of mushroom mycelium, upcycled furniture and micro-biogas plants under expert guidance. Around 50 so-called “Building for Everyone" workshops will be held until late March as part of research conducted by the New Production Institute at the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg in collaboration with the Fab City network.

From wood to regenerative energy

Lampshades or acoustic absorbers can be made from the roots of mushrooms in the biolab workshop while participants learn to build a 3D printer in the mechatronics group. Those in the regenerative energies workshop can create their own miniature solar power plant or a micro-biogas plant. During textile workshops, participants can learn lasercutting and without sewing. Participants in carpentry workshops can make their own balance board or furniture from discarded materials. Bicycle fans can build their own cargo bike in the mobility workshop. More information can be found on the website.

Open source software system 

The workshops are part of the EU-funded Interfacer project to reorganize global value creation and production systems and establish sustainable and synergetic production processes worldwide. To this end, an open-source software system, the "Fab City OS" (OS = Operating System) is to be developed. It will be used at the respective units e.g., in Fab Cities or Fab Labs to establish a local but globally.networked value creation system.