Enter your ideas for "Startup Champs goes Greentech" pitch

Contest by the start-up hotspots of Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Berlin now in second round
11 August 2021

Green tech or green technology start-ups now have until the deadline of August 29, 2021 to enter their ideas for the virtual “Startup-Champs goes Greentech” pitch on September 16, 2021. The virtual event will be held across the start-up hotspots of Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Cologne. Hamburg Invest's Startup-Unit, which is the main point of contact for founders with a scientific background and others, is also involved in the event.

Climate change and green technology 

The competition highlights ideas and solutions in the sector to combat climate change and to adapt to the phenomenon. Many companies are creating technical innovations that benefit the economy overall and people's everyday lives and help shape a sustainable and environment-friendlier future.

Start-ups with a tech-orientated, scalable business model and ideas for a greener planet are eligible to apply. The ideas can range from resource conservation, biodiversity, a circular economy, waste avoidance, clean technology,  sustainable mobility and energy, smart city to fair fashion. The public also has a unique opportunity to vote on the ideas pitched meaning the entire population can participate and get a behind-the-scenes look at the start-up world as well.

Regional and national awards

The collaborative event promotes Germany as a centre of start-ups and raises both their national and international visibility. Founders are invited to upload a maximum 90-second pitch video of their ideas to www.startup-champs.de. Winners can expect attractive regional and national prizes such as a wildcard for the media:net Investor's Dinner, a three-month membership of WeWork co-working spaces  worldwide and a 90-minute PR workshop by PIABO PR.


Startup-Unit Hamburg - main point of contact 

Hamburg Invest's Startup-Unit offers support and information from a single source to people interested in starting a business and to founders focusing on knowledge and technology-oriented business models. The Startup Unit is the main point of contact for all queries about offers for start-ups, funding as well as important events and networks in Hamburg.