Digital “Hamburg on Tour“ hits Tel Aviv

Digital roadshow yields new insight into hydrogen mobility - key future issues
08 December 2020

Keynote speakers came together for a virtual roadshow on December 1 and 2 under the motto "Hamburg meets Tel Aviv” as part of this year's "Hamburg on Tour" show. Experts presented groundbreaking ideas on maritime logistics, aviation, hydrogen and mobility and on how innovations can improve both Tel Aviv and Hamburg as well as the environment.

Joint host: Startup-Unit Hamburg

Hamburg's Startup-Unit and the German-Israeli Chamber of Industry and Commerce had invited experts from Hamburg and Tel Aviv to exchange ideas. Speaking at the opening, Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economics, said: "Hamburg and Tel Aviv have similar economic DNA. Their common goal is to find solutions for today's challenges and the tasks of the future. Over the next two days, concepts for a liveable and sustainable future in cities around the world will be launched.”  Michal Michaeli, Director of International Economic Development at Tel Aviv Global, echoed Westhagemann's remarks and she noted: "The collaboration facilitates mutual learning and increases the resilience of both cities. Tel Aviv is one of the world’s most advanced cities in terms of technology. The market in Hamburg is huge compared to Tel Aviv, especially in the maritime and logistics sectors." Dr. Rolf Strittmatter, Managing Director of Hamburg Invest, added: "Both cities have a strong economic ecosystem, especially in the start-up sector. The event should strengthen the collaboration between Hamburg and Tel Aviv and boost networks between companies in the cities." The Hanseatic delegation then presented opportunities in the logistics and mobility sectors across Hamburg under the theme of "Moin Tel Aviv, Shalom Hamburg".

Maritime logistics and aviation

Three panel discussions on the first day focused on maritime logistics and aviation. Although the coronavirus pandemic was inevitably high on the agenda, the main focus was clearly on the future. Emphasis was on possible innovations in ports and shipping, the impact of the pandemic on the aviation sector, solutions for a sustainable future as well as opportunities for start-ups and fledgling companies in Hamburg. 

Hydrogen and mobility

Hydrogen and mobility topped the agenda on the second day. German and Israeli experts discussed green hydrogen in terms of opportunities and challenges in future. Under the premise "Cities are for people, not for traffic", delegates also compared transport policy issues in central Hamburg and downtown Tel Aviv and ways of  making both city centres more liveable. Numerous start-ups, fledgling companies and pioneers from both cities presented forward-looking ideas and business models. The Startup Unit Hamburg and Hamburg Invest then highlighted concrete opportunities for collaboration between German and Israeli companies. The event "Hamburg meets Tel Aviv" can be accessed on YouTube.

Start-up hotspot Tel Aviv meets Hamburg's vibrant start-up scene

Israel has a population of some 8.8 million and around 6,500 start-ups making for the  world's highest density of start-ups per capita, according to the German-Israeli Chamber of Industry and Commerce. For many years now, great efforts have been made at urban city and national level to stabilize and speed up efforts to become a seat of science and innovation. The start-up hotspot Tel Aviv is thus an ideal partner for start-ups in Hamburg.

Startup-Unit Hamburg

The Startup-Unit Hamburg is the main point of contact  for knowledge and technology based start-ups in Hamburg and raises the transparency of the start-up ecosystem. It bundles knowledge of founding a company and about the city of Hamburg and forges contacts via its vast network. The, Hamburg Startup Unit is part of Hamburg Invest Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH.