Countdown to Hydrogen Days 2022 from June 24 to July 3 underway

Stakeholders across Hamburg and Northwest metropolitan regions to inform about energy source future
27 May 2022
Energieberg Georgswerder

The Hamburg and Northwest metropolitan regions are gearing up for the Hydrogen Days 2022 to be held under the theme of  "Experience Hydrogen" from June 24 to July 3, 2022. Movers and shakers in science, business, politics and institutions as well as researchers will present their latest pilot projects and best practice examples at events across the region to raise the visibility of the industry. 

Making green hydrogen more tangible

"In view of the global situation and advancing climate change, urgent change is the order of the day. Only together with many different stakeholders can we meet the challenges effectively and quickly. The 'Hydrogen Days' make the topic of hydrogen as an energy carrier more tangible for the public and link up science with administrations and companies," said Jakob Richter, Head of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region Office. "The aim is to showcase the wide range of hydrogen-related activities in the region and boost the energy transition in northern Germany," said Nicola Illing, Managing Director of the Northwest Metropolitan Region

Numerous events on innovative technology

Keynotes, excursions, exciting road shows with hydrogen-powered vehicles will convey the extent of fossil-free hydrogen in everyday life and in relation to other climate-protecting technologies. Interested parties can, for instance, take part in a guided bicycle tour of Bremen's hydrogen hotspots on July 2. The Agrotech Valley in Bohmte will demonstrate the potential of hydrogen in agriculture on June 29. Organisers in Osnabrück, Cuxhaven, Heide, Hamburg, Wismar and Lüneburg can register their events in the online calendar on

Hamburg - centre of renewable energies in future

Sustainable alternatives to oil, natural gas and coal are needed to achieve climate neutrality by 2045. Fossil-free green hydrogen is being touted as a possible alternative. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) sees Hamburg as a centre of green hydrogen and renewable energies. Various research projects are underway to develop a sustainable hydrogen sector. Meanwhile, Shell, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Wärme Hamburg and Vattenfall 2021 have joined forces in the Green Hydrogen Hub to decarbonise the port industry from 2025. This gave rise to the "Hydrogen Alliance Hamburg" consisting of 12 companies in aircraft manufacturing, port industry, city cleaning and energy sectors last year. The event "Experience Hydrogen", launched in 2021, will be held parallel to the "Experience Hydrogen South" this year.