Beyond Platforms gives glimpses of future media landscape

Conference on November 17-18 in Hamburg seeks new approaches to improved media public sphere
16 November 2021
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The Beyond Platforms online conference gets underway Tuesday (November 17-18, 2021) in Hamburg under the theme “What could be better?” and will shed light on possible media distribution and new media infrastructures in future. All those interested can take part via the livestream. Backed by NextMedia.Hamburg, an initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Media, the "Beyond Platforms" is a network of media professionals who wish to renegotiate media consumption on the internet. This comes amid increasing digitalization and tougher competition, which is frequently dominated by large platform providers. 

Panels, keynotes and workshops

The two-day conference includes keynotes, panels and workshops. Highlights include a panel discussion on social values in the media with Daniela Beaujean, Managing Director of the Association of Private Media, Florian Hager, Channel Manager of ARD-Mediathek and Dr Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media. Brosda stressed: "As a society, we must clarify the principles, values value-added mechanisms under which media and their competitors can and should operate. Free and self-determined media are the backbone of our society and the basis for a well-informed society." The conference is likely to provide important impulses for a sustainable media landscape and a forward-looking media policy in Germany and Europe.

Broadcast per livestream

The "Beyond Platforms"agenda is available online. The event will be broadcast live from the Rocket Beans Studios in Hamburg on November 17-18 November, from 1 pm. Free tickets can be booked on the event website.