UKE launches campaign to hire skilled workers

"Better together. For life" campaign highlights good work-life balance at UKE amid fierce competition for skilled workers
10 May 2022

The University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) has launched a campaign early in May to recruit healthcare professionals. The "Better together. For life" campaign focuses on how individual life models and work at UKE can be combined.

Drive to hire and retain staff 

"The competition for the best healthcare professionals is fierce. A company's good reputation is no longer enough to make it an attractive employer," said Joachim Prölß, Director of Human Resources at UKE. Posters of UKE employees and in videos highlight the variable working time models, further training offers and opportunities for time off. Hopes are now high that new staff can be hired and existing professionals kept on, said Thomas Wendt, Lead Employer Branding & HR Marketing. "It should also be an inspiration for our employees and show the many opportunities available at UKE to shape a person's work and to bring it in line with their life plan," he added.

UKE employs around 14,100 staff making it one of the largest employers in Hamburg. The hospital trains another 3,400 doctors, dentists and midwives in its Medical Faculty.