Three Hamburg-based start-ups raise over EUR 10 million

Aimpower, Heartstocks and Shipzero seek to grow after securing millions in fresh capital
22 March 2023
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The Hamburg-based start-ups Aimpower, Heartstocks and Shipzero have raised over EUR 10 million in fresh capital and are now aiming to grow their businesses. All three rely on innovative technology for different industries. Aimpower offers an AI solution for marketing while the fintech Heartstocks aims to democratise the stock market. Meanwhile, Shipzero focuses on decarbonising the logistics industry.

Aimpower - predicting effect of advertising with AI

The founders of Aimpower have developed a software-as-a-service platform that uses artificial intelligence and insights from neuroscience to predict the effectiveness of advertising. The company has secured EUR 6.5 million from the tech growth fund Nordwind Growth in Munich.

"We are looking forward to integrating generative AI functions in future as well as strengthening our teams in all areas - from customer success to technology and the constant, customer-centric expansion of our platform," said Peter Krause, CEO of Aimpower. Generative AI is a sub-area of artificial intelligence that can interpret information and create its own content. Think of ChatGPT, for instance.

© Aimpower
Aimpower's team: Martin Fröhlich, Julia Saswito, Christian Scheier, Peter Krause and Dirk Held

Heartstocks - investing in collectors' items with Web3 technology

The Heartstocks fintech makes it easier to obtain shares in collectors’ items, e.g., a vintage Mercedes. The start-up has secured EUR 5 million from mid-sized family offices, business angels and the Munich-based Vanagon Ventures, which focuses on Web3 technology. Heartstocks' emphasis on blockchain applications proved attractive as the technology can turn collectibles into investment objects. Tokenised securities facilitate investments in digital shares at the push of a button.

Shipzero - using data to decarbonise logistics

Transport and logistics companies are increasingly being urged to provide more transparency about CO2 emissions. Shipzero has developed a data platform for logistics companies’ emissions along the entire value chain to evaluate individual decarbonisation measures. The start-up has raised a seven-digit investment sum to fund its growth. Investors include the Rethink Ventures mobility specialist and Zu Na Mi, a private equity firm focused on sustainability. "We will use the funds to expand the functions and depth of analysis of our data platform," said Tobias Bohnhoff, CEO. 


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