Strong growth in Hamburg's cultural and creative sectors

Latest data indicate dynamic cultural and creative economy in Hamburg Metropolitan Region
19 February 2019

More people now work in cultural and creative industries e.g. design, film and music industries, architecture, broadcasting and media press throughout the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, according to a long-term, comprehensive report published in early February. Companies are generating turnover higher than the national average. Hopes are now high that the cultural and creative sector in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region and the metropolitan region can be strengthened in the long-term.


Around 134,000 people work in the cultural and creative industries across the region while 69 per cent work in Hamburg. The workforce consists of two-thirds employees and one-third self-employed persons and companies. The proportion of self-employed people in those industries is higher than in Hamburg’s overall economy. Most jobs are in the software and games industry, the press, advertising and design industry. Nearly 75 per cent of all employees work there.

Turnover and added value

In 2015, the cultural and creative industries generated sales of almost EUR 14.6 billion and added value of at least EUR 5.7 billion. This corresponds to 2.5 and 2.8 per cent respectively of the total economy. The press, design and advertising sectors, which have a large number of jobs, achieved both the highest turnover and the highest added value. In 2015, the press led the way with EUR 4.6 billion in turnover followed by the design, advertising and film industries.

Culture and creative industries are growth sectors

Hamburg as a location is a driving force with 69 per cent of all employees, 84 per cent of sales and 81 per cent of added value. While districts bordering Hamburg benefit from proximity to the city centre, many districts and cities score with regional support programmes such as co-working and networking initiatives, regional crowd funding, support for founders, filmmakers and up-and-coming artists or affordable space offers.