Stadtreinigung Hamburg testing hydrogen-powered bin collection lorries

All new SRH vehicles to run on alternative drive by 2025
07 June 2023
Ein Wasserstoff-Müllfahrzeug der Stadtreinigung Hamburg

Two of Stadtreinigung Hamburg's hydrogen-powered, bin collection lorries are undergoing practical tests in Schnelsen and Rotherbaum through 2024 after the company presented one of the vehicles on Thursday (June 1, 2023). The tests are part of SRH's efforts to convert its fleet to fossil-free drive and to become climate-neutral by 2035. 

Save up to 31 tonnes of CO2 emissions per lorry and year

"Climate neutrality in 2035 is one of SRH's top goals. By 2025 at the latest, all our new vehicles should run on alternative drive technologies," said Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Siechau, Managing Director  of SRH. The company tests the vehicles rigorously in real operating conditions prior to market readiness. "Despite the current high costs, we would like to push ahead with the development in the interest of climate protection," he added. Converting the fleet could potentially lower CO2 emissions and up to 31 tonnes per year and lorry.   

North German Real Laboratory for Hydrogen Technology

"Apart from saving CO2, alternative drives for commercial vehicles significantly reduce noise and pollution in a densely populated city like Hamburg," said Michael Pollmann, State Councillor for the Environment. SRH is active in three North German Reallabor (NRL) projects to develop means of producing and making green hydrogen available. Open tests of various propulsions such as hydrogen fuel cells as supplements are among the main elements of the North German Reallabor, according to Mike Blicker, Project Co-ordinator at NRL.