Property tech OWNR raises EUR 12.5 million

Hamburg-based leasing provider secures fresh capital for expansion
13 November 2020

OWNR, a Hamburg-based company specializing in property leasing, has raised EUR 12.5 million in the latest round of financing. Among the investors is the Berlin-based Atlantic Labs, which has previously invested in the leasing platform. The company will now use the fresh capital to expand to other major German cities including Berlin and Frankfurt. The property tech company plans to add up to 1,000 additional properties to its portfolio over the next two years.

OWNR buys property for lease to potential buyers

"Hamburg is a very interesting market because the constantly rising prices mean that fewer and fewer people are able to acquire their first property," said Nils T. Kohle, founder of OWNR. "This is where we come in and help people find their first home through the flexible leasing model with an option to purchase. Apart from Hamburg, this development also effects many other big cities, which is why we want to expand within Germany and to big international cities."

Middle ground

OWNR offers people an opportunity to rent a property with an option to buy. To this end, the company co-operates with property developers, brokers and financing agents. OWNR’s website features its portfolio in Hamburg. The company acquires and renovates a property and the lessee then moves in. Three options are available when the lease ends: Continue living in the property as a lessee, purchase the property or move out. Founded in 2017 by Kohle, OWNR employs eleven people at present.