Over 270 firms in Hamburg monitored for adherence to corona rules

Judicial authority draws positive interim balance of remote working, mandatory masks
09 February 2021
Aerial view of HafenCity

More than 70 per cent of 271 companies inspected by the judicial authority in Hamburg for compliance with corona protection measures have regulated occupational health and safety well for their employees. They have addressed risks to employees and come up with good, practicable solutions. Nearly all of the companies inspected have permitted their staff to work remotely in compliance with the new Corona Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance issued by the German government in January. Only about 6 per cent of the companies inspected had to make improvements in this area, a press release said Friday (February 5, 2021).

Need for improved communication with employees

"The inspections have shown that Hamburg's employers are aware of their responsibility," said Anna Gallina, Senator for Consumer Affairs.The companies are making a major contribution to combatting the pandemic. However, there is a need for improved communication between companies and their employees, she said, adding: "The companies must be more convincing. Communication with employees guarantees that the measures will be turned around well."  

More inspections planned

The concepts for ventilating rooms, the minimum social distance, spaces and availability of disinfectants were criticized. The Office for Occupational Safety and Health will carry out random checks in future. Apart from on-site inspections, 550 companies in Hamburg have been contacted about infection control in offices and in remote workplaces. The more strigent rules on remote work, mandatory masks and social distancing measures remain in place until March 15, 2021 initially.