New Cross Innovation Lab to drive sustainability in companies

Creatives, scientists and business people to develop sustainable innovations jointly - involves 22 Hanseatic firms
22 April 2021
Cross Innovation Hub

A new Cross Innovation Lab presented the latest innovation projects towards climate-neutrality in Hamburg during a digital kick-off event on Wednesday (April 14, 2021). Large and mid-sized companies, including Hamburg Aviation and Tchibo, are to develop sustainable products and services in interdisciplinary teams with creative professionals until mid June. Launched by the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, scientists in various disciplines are involved in the tried and trusted format.

Lab's collaborative approach 

"The Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft has created a scheme in the shape of the Cross Innovation Lab that allows specialists in the creative industries, science and companies to collaborate on economically viable solutions towards reducing the impact on the climate," said Jenny Kornmacher, Project Manager of the Cross Innovation Hub. The scheme is designed to go beyond the confines of one's own organization and pools expertise. The organizers have divided the 22 participating companies into different teams and according to their industries.

Coming up with sustainable ideas in teamwork 

The "Aviation Team", for instance, will develop a resource-saving aircraft cabin while the "Mobility Team" will develop ideas for sustainable mobility in Hamburg. Other groups are working on reducing CO2 in construction sites, disposal, urban infrastructure and logistics (CO2 emissions tracking). Companies in the scheme include, among others, the Hamburg Aviation cluster, Hamburger Hochbahn, Volkswagen, hySolutions and Tchibo. The Cross Innovation Lab is part of the Cross Innovation Hub, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).