More and more start-ups keen to save the world

More and more Hamburg founders are starting with a sustainable business idea. In loose succession, Hamburg News presents particularly promising concepts
06 January 2020
grüner gründen Stadtparkluftaufnahme

An idea can gain momentum when someone like Greta Thunberg is behind it. Just a year after beginning her school strike for climate protection, her protest has swelled to become the global movement Fridays for Future. In 2019, “climate protection” became a top priority for large parts of the population. Thunberg, a Swedish national, was awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize for her commitment and was recently named Person of the Year 2019 by Time magazine.

Viva con Agua

Thunberg has set an inspiring example of what just one individual can achieve. More and more Hamburg-based, like-minded start-ups are coming up with sustainable business ideas while others are joining forces to improve the general standard of living. Every fourth German start-up focuses on environmental issues and climate protection, according to the Green Startup Monitor 2018. The international Viva con Agua, for instance, has been striving for safe access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation since 2006. Every penny spent on a bottle of Viva con Agua mineral water goes towards the non-profit organization’s relief work. Founded by FC Sankt Pauli, Viva con Agua now has 10,000 volunteers and projects like WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) have improved living conditions for some 3 million people worldwide.