Microsoft's new offices in Hamburg for hybrid working

Boost for interaction, collaborative work and creativity
14 October 2022
Microsoft Büroraum Chilehaus

Microsoft Germany’s new 1,000 square-metre offices in downtown Hamburg highlight the role of the “New Work” concept. Design is key to meeting the demands of its 250 employees in the era of a pandemic that has triggered all kinds of change in the world of work. 

Microsoft Office in Hamburg
© Alena Zielinski
Nadine Mostoller, Katharina Fegebank and Marianne Janik

Attractive working models a must

"The way people work has changed rapidly amid the pandemic," said Katharina Fegebank, Deputy Mayor of Hamburg. Given the exacerbated lack of skilled workers, it is crucial to offer employees attractive and flexible working models. Marianne Janik, Chairwoman of Microsoft Germany, remarked: "Our offices in Hamburg offer modern, attractive spaces that employees like to use to exchange ideas and to be creative." Technology helps  deal with the hybrid working world and to link up employees locally with remote workers.

Creativity and exchange versus working alone

The new offices feature only 25 classic individual workstations most of which function as conference and meeting rooms as well. Hopes are now high that such a modern working landscape will boost interaction, collaborative work and creativity. The offices will in future be used mainly for collaborative and creative teamwork rather than working alone, Microsoft said in a statement, and are similar in design to landmarks such as the Elbphilharmonie to illustrate  the importance of urban anchoring.