Highest amount of companies set up in Hamburg since 2008

More than 5,000 start-ups in 2021 - women keen on starting a business
16 March 2022
Start-ups in Hamburg

A record 5,107 start-ups were set up in Hamburg in 2021 -  the highest since 2008 (5,311), according to the Northern Statistics Office. That corresponds to an increase of 14.3 per cent over 2020. The number of companies registered by women has also increased significantly.

Most start-ups in central Hamburg

The increase is partly due to to catch-up effects in the wake of the pandemic-induced restrictions. The number of business closures increased by 7.1 per cent over 2020. However, the overall number of start-ups exceeded closures by more than 3,000. Accordingly, there were 2.7 start-ups per 1,000 inhabitants in Hamburg. The highest number of start-ups 1,854 occurred in central Hamburg. The start-up rates per 1,000 inhabitants ranged from 1.4 in Bergedorf to 6.2 in central Hamburg. The northern part of Hamburg had the  strongest growth in start-ups (28.9 per cent) over the previous year, but declined slightly in Eimsbüttel (2.4 per cent). 

Women more willing to start a business

More than 70 per cent of all business registrations were sole proprietorships, the statistics office added. the proportion of companies registered by women came to 34.5 per cent - the highest level since 2012 (34.6 per cent).