HHLA's Metrans going green

Company generating 60 per cent fewer CO2 emissions by rail - now aiming for climate neutrality
04 May 2022
Metrans locomotive

HHLA's rail subsidiary Metrans switched all rail operations across Germany and Austria to sustainably-generated electricity in 2021, a HHLA press release said Thursday (April 28, 2022. The conversion has led to about 60 per cent less CO2 despite higher transport volumes between European ports and their hinterland.

HHLA and Metrans goal of climate neutrality

Peter Kiss, CEO of Metrans Group, remarked: “Transferring goods from road to rail is a key lever for mitigating climate change. The future belongs to eco-friendly logistics and it is therefore our aim to provide carbon-neutral logistics.” The HHLA Group is now aiming for climate-neutral production by 2040. Metrans also plans to use electric rail cranes and trucks to further reduce CO2 emissions. Customers will be offered the option of offsetting the emissions of their transports entirely through climate protection projects.

Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA)

HHLA is a leading European logistics company headquartered in Hamburg. It has a dense network of seaport terminals in Hamburg, Odessa, Tallinn and Trieste as well as hinterland connections and associated intermodal hubs in Central and Eastern Europe.