HHLA Sky gets first cybersecurity certification for drone systems

TÜV Nord's certification marks milestone for unmanned aviation
14 December 2022
Drohne fliegt im Hamburger Hafen

The German technical inspection agency, TÜV NORD, has certified HHLA Sky's drone system in accordance with the IEC 62443 cybersecurity industry standard marking a first such certification worldwide. The entire system has been tested including communication between the drones and the Integrated Control Center, a press release said Wednesday (November 11, 2022).

IoT strategy to protect critical infrastructure

A delighted Matthias Gronstedt, joint Managing Director of HHLA Sky, said: “Our customers often operate in critical infrastructures. An 'Internet of Things' strategy that embeds security and cybersecurity from the outset is just as important to them as the efficiency gained from using automated drones. Our customers will only deploy an adequately cyber-secure product that supports their business continuity. We must ensure that the level of protection remains permanently high.” Lothar Müller, joint Managing Director of HHLA Sky, added: "Our requirements for a cyber-secure product go somewhat beyond the actual requirements for certification. We also see cybersecurity as a management task and therefore have a holistic approach to our own security strategy." 

Protecting HHLA Sky's drone system 

The HHLA Sky drone system is a complex, highly-networked mobile robot management solution, which is particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks. TÜV NORD has certified the excellence and well-protected system integrity of this mobile robot management solution. Encrypted data is transmitted to prevent unauthorised access and protects the drones from being tapped and manipulated. Cyber security is crucial for operating automated unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) safely. Thus, the certification to drone standard is a milestone for the UAV industry worldwide, said HHLA Sky.