Heyflow raises USD 6 million in funds - more "clickflow" on websites

Hamburg-based start-up announces successful round of financing thanks to its software for more interactive websites
19 October 2021

The Hamburg-based Heyflow software startup has raised USD 6 million in a seed funding round led by Project A Ventures in Berlin. The investors are its previous backers, Atlantic Labs and Possible Ventures, and several business angels, including Philipp Westermeyer (OMR), a company blog said. Heyflow gives its customers a means of integrating so-called "clickflows" on websites with a construction kit, but without having to do any programming themselves. The interactive forms, set up like a quiz, should improve the user-friendliness and personalization of websites.

Successful first business year

Heyflow combines the functionalities of some of the best software products in the world, according to Amir Bohnenkamp, who is one of the founders of the company. Heyflow brings together "the rule automation and interactivity of a bot builder, the design flexibility of a website builder, the conversion intelligence of an advanced analytics tool, and a wealth of integrations with third-party services". Bohnenkamp co-founded Heyflow with Dustin Jaacks last year, which was followed by a soft launch in early 2021. The start-up has attracted "hundreds of new customers and millions of visitors to the clickflows created with Heyflow" in the meantime.