Hamburg's hardship fund extended

Hard-hit companies now have until October 31, 2021 to apply for aid
02 August 2021
Skyscrapers in St. Pauli

Applications for hardship funds are being accepted until October 31, 2021 after the senate extended the deadline and prolonged the funding period until September 30, 2021 in response to demand. The German government and the state of Hamburg are each funding almost half of the EUR 40 million in grants. More than EUR 2.2 billion euros in aid have been issued via the Hamburg Protective Shield for companies and institutions hit by the pandemic-induced crisis, the senate said Tuesday (July 20, 2021). Meanwhile the so-called Hamburg Corona Hardship Aid (HCH), launched in May, is benefiting businesses and self-employed people who have not received aid from Hamburg or the German government in the past and launched in May.

Important signal for commerce

The extension and expansion of HCH sends an important signal for commerce in Hamburg, said Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economics and Innovation. Support for businesses and solo self-employed people will not be reduced, he added, while Andreas Dressel, Senator for Finance, remarked: "We do not want any company in need through no fault of its own to fall through the grate during the coronavirus-induced crisis." Thus, Hamburg's Corona Protective Shield will remain in place until further notice.

Grants of up to EUR 100,000 

Individual companies or groups of companies, self-employed persons and members of so-called free professions based in Hamburg are eligible to apply for grants. However, the applicant must be facing a threat to economic survival caused by the pandemic to qualify for HCH. Self-employed persons can apply for up to EUR 11,250 in aid. A maximum EUR 100,000 in grants are available. More information can be found on IFB Hamburg’s website.


IFB Hamburg

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